The Lakefront

The lakefront for the Desert Shores Racquet Club runs along the entire west side of the development. It is about 1600 feet long, all grass, and unlike any other lakefront in all of Las Vegas is accessible to every resident of the community. It’s a fantastic place to walk, play, fish, bring your dog, or just sit and enjoy nature at its finest with world-class views.

Lakefront 1Unless you live on the lake, the easiest way to get to the lakefront is along the Sail Club building at the top of the path that winds between the townhomes and patio homes.

Lakefront 5
When you get there, if you turn left (south), you’re looking toward one of the Sail Club picnic areas and the long, soothing walk past the patio homes almost all the way to Mariner Boulevard.

Lakefront 14
Or if you turn to the right (north), it’s a shorter distance past the townhomes almost all the way to Breakwater Street. This direction, you pass the 42 boat slips that are privately owned by residents. Many of them are unused, and if you’d like to use one you should be able to find one to rent.

Lakefront 4
One of the highlights as you look north are the beautiful archways of the Breakwater Bridge. The Racquet Club extends to the bridge, and a boat ride to the other side takes you past several more Desert Shores communities downlake.

Lakefront 13
Of course, it never hurts when the Indian Hawthorne is blooming!

Lakefront 9
To get a good feel for the Racquet Club lakefront, take a look at it from the other side of the lake. This view is toward the townhomes and docks...

Lakefront 11
…while this view is toward the patio homes. In this direction, the lakefront turns a corner and continues alongside the widest part of Lake Jacqueline.

Lakefront 16
As you’ll see by looking at other photos on the website, one of the best things about living here are the waterfowl, turtles and other creatures that show up (and show off) unexpectedly!

Finally, enjoy below some typical lakefront photos that were taken from a centrally-located point in the daytime, evening and nighttime:

Lakefront 15

Lakefront 17

Lakefront 18