Pathway Between the "Clubs"

The streets are calm and fun to walk inside the Desert Shores Racquet Club, and there is a hidden bonus: the landscaped path that winds up a long hill between the Racquet Club at the bottom and the Sail Club at the top next to Lake Jacqueline.  Take a stroll up that path below, from the bottom to the top:

Racquet Club Building (1)The path starts just to the right of the Racquet Club Building.

DSRC Path (1)
You can feel your blood pressure go down after battling the office (or whoever else you had to wrestle that day) as you enter this peaceful path that bisects the community.

DSRC Path (2)
It's uphill, but it winds and gives you something new to enjoy around every corner.

DSRC Path (3)
Decisions, decisions...maybe the birds having their morning or evening chats can help.

DSRC Path (4)
They told us to keep going up.  Who are we to argue with the birds who live here?  (The day was for the birds, so we might as well let them stay in control.)

DSRC Path (5)
Farther up, we look back and enjoy the park-like setting while we catch our breath a little...

DSRC Path (6)
Then toward the top, we look back down on some of the stairs we've gone up.

DSRC Sail Club (13)
Ah, the Sail Club at last.  But we might as well go a little farther...

DSRC Sail Club (14) we walk around to the right of the Sail Club...

Lakefront (5) the grass and the lake.  OK, time to let the blood pressure complete its freefall and just collapse by the water and talk to the swans.  It erases everything we had to put up with away from this ... home at last!