Racquet Club Building

The “Racquet Club” is the name for the main recreation building as well as the community itself. Located just inside the main gate, the Racquet Club offers a unique variety of entertainment options for each homeowner and his or her guests.  There is no additional fee for the use of any of the various facilities, and access is granted with a magnetic key fob provided to each homeowner.

Racquet Club Building 1An easy walk from any of the homes, the Racquet Club is located at the bottom of the winding path that meanders between the townhomes and patio homes. The Sail Club building is at the top of the same path.

Racquet Club Building 5
When you walk in, you’re greeted by a wide-open, bright, cheery interior with warm architecture. Like the Sail Club, it is essentially an addition to your home, and homeowners take care of it that way.

Racquet Club Building 6
It’s amazing how many options this part of your home has to offer. For starters, let’s take a walk downstairs and see what we can do!

Racquet Club Building 7
How many homes have you seen in Las Vegas that offer an indoor basketball court? This one even has an upstairs window that lets your fans watch the game from above.

Racquet Club Building 9
Or right next door to the basketball court, there is a racquetball court to really get your heart rate going.

Racquet Club Building 10
There are lockers available for the users of both courts.

Racquet Club Building 11
Going back upstairs, take a look at the aerobic equipment and the bright area where it’s located. It’s not hard to force yourself to work out if you can do it in an environment like this!

Racquet Club Building 12
And in a separate bright room with windows, there is a variety of weightlifting equipment. If you use everything available in the Racquet Club, you’ll get a well-rounded workout.

Racquet Club Building 13
Just as in the Sail Club, there are kitchen facilities available in the Racquet Club. There aren’t any other communities in Las Vegas that offer a lake, two large community buildings, a full set of exercise options, indoor basketball and racquetball, two kitchens…and we haven’t even talked about the huge pool and hot tub!

Racquet Club Building 14
This hallway takes you to the path that winds between the patio homes and townhomes. It also takes you to separate men’s and women’s restrooms...

Racquet Club Building 15
…that look like this!

Racquet Club Building 16
Turning around, this hallway takes you to the large, well-landscaped and beautifully lit pool area.