Desert Shores at Night


There's no question that Desert Shores is spectacular by day.  That makes it even more surprising that it's just as beautiful at night.

From many viewpoints, including the Racquet Club lakefront from which these photos were taken, Desert Shores has a cultured, subtle grandeur at night.  The lights from the Community Center, Lakeside Center, Breakwater Bridge and other focal points reflect artfully off the water, almost begging you to stop and drink it in.  It's like enjoying a fine wine without uncorking a bottle, although that goes well with the ambience.

There aren't many communities that can make the claim of offering its residents and guests quiet inspiration both day and night.

The photos don't do it proper justice, but please take a look at these windows into nighttime at the Shores.  If you'd like a glass of wine while you do, a prop never hurts!

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