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Lakeside Center

In the heart of Desert Shores, next to its spectacular Community Center and across the broadest part of Lake Jacqueline from the Desert Shores Racquet Club, lies still another jewel that no other community in Las Vegas can match: the Lakeside Center. This spectacular business and arts showpiece is magically landscaped and decorated to be in tune with its sparkling lake surroundings.  Thriving on this foundation is a carefully matched array of restaurants and businesses to serve, entertain and delight residents and guests alike. Explore this section of the website to discover this secret within a secret: the peerless Lakeside Center of Desert Shores.

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Grace on the Lake

The "Business District"

P20050602 (38)When you search for a business district in or near a typical Las Vegas community, you'll instantly find the stamped-out, stirring stucco-and-cement monoliths we all know and love: Office Depot, PetSmart, Best Buy, Marshall's and on a really good day, Costco. If you look for something that's not nationally owned and endlessly repeated, you can always find one of a thousand tired strip malls. While these are often fine businesses that we all need and use, this usual cast of characters has no character, adding nothing to the essence and ambience of a community.

Desert Shores is different. Radically different. Nestled on Lake Jacqueline next to the Desert Shores Community Center is a business and arts center that doubles as a community showpiece. It's called the Lakeside Center, and it's like nothing else in Las Vegas.

The Lakeside Center knows where it is and what it is. Fortunate enough to be located in one of the most beautiful and unique areas of Las Vegas, it has entwined itself with its environment to become a cultural and visual keystone of the Shores.

Landscaping and Artistry

P20100509 (14)Every inch of the Lakeside Center's expanse of lake frontage is nautical eye candy. Graceful weeping willows and other draping trees provide shade and frame views from indoor and outdoor lakeside businesses. Gardens great and small provide focal points and gathering areas nestled along its length. Pathways with ivy-covered arches wind between the gardens and beguile the perimeter to the point it's easy to get lost.

The landscapes are natural, with every shade of green commingling with the deep blue lake, clear waterfalls, and earthen hues of boulders, flagstone and welcoming works of art. If you're not at the Lakeside Center absorbing how it feels at one of its businesses, gardens or walkways, you can feel yourself unwind just by observing it from other vantage points in Desert Shores. Take a look at this website's article titled "The Natural Side of Lakeside" to get a more detailed view of the views.


P20090829 (62)"Restaurant Row" at the Lakeside Center provides truly unique Las Vegas dining experiences that are only a walk away for residents.

From the great food and prices at the Village Pub to the superlative aquatic class and charm of Americana to the European oasis of wine and cuisine at Marché Bacchus, this group of lakeshore experiences draws people not only from throughout Desert Shores but from Las Vegas' wide world of discriminating international visitors. And unlike anywhere else in Las Vegas, these establishments will take your breath away, not your wallet. Please read the pages on this website devoted to these restaurants to learn more about food and entertainment on the lake in Desert Shores.

Complementary Businesses

DSC 0064Residents and visitors are lucky to find a well-managed group of carefully-chosen businesses whose missions complement each other thriving at the Lakeside Center. In addition to the restaurants, beautiful lakeside services include a salon, spa, wedding and event center, flower artist, photography studio, tailor, business and conference facilities, and a series of valuable businesses in the Lakeside Business Suites and elsewhere. More detailed pages of this website will give you a sampling of the great opportunities and ideas that await you at the businesses of the Lakeside Center.

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No, this isn't Walmart. The Lakeside Center is a gem in the community that both derives its essence from the lakeshore environment of Desert Shores and helps create that essence with artistry, entertainment, services and hard work. It's yet another reason that Desert Shores has no rival as a spectacular, well-managed, integrated community in the desert Southwest.