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Restaurant Row

One of the significant contributions of the Lakeside Center to Desert Shores, and to Las Vegas in general, is the group of three restaurants and associated venues affectionately called "Restaurant Row".  A walk or short drive away from every Desert Shores home lie top-tier dining and entertainment experiences on a jaw-dropping lake.  That's a miracle anywhere, especially the desert southwest.

From casual dining to world-class chefs, nautical class to lakefront natural beauty, American to French, sodas to fine wine to signature drinks, jazz to Shakespeare ... Restaurant Row is an experience that's always fun, relaxing and fresh.  Even if you go several times a week!

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Dining and Entertainment on the Water at Desert Shores

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If you've looked through other sections of this website or visited Desert Shores, you're aware what a special and beautiful place it is.  And if you've looked through the photos of the Lakeside Center, you know what a graceful nautical destination it provides.  Taking it to the next level, what if you could eat fantastic food and be entertained there, too?

That's what Restaurant Row is all about.  Read about each venue and look at photos and/or videos of what they provide in the accompanying pages on this site.  Then just walk over from your Desert Shores home or drive here from elsewhere in Las Vegas.  You can't beat the environment, food, drink or fun anywhere in town!

Check it out:

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Village Pub & Casino

  • Value Dining
  • Super Specials
  • Wine and Cold Beer
  • Quick Walk to Lake
  • Video Poker at Separate Bar
  • 24 Hours




Village Pub Colonist


Marché Bacchus

  • 950-Label Wine Market
  • Fabulous French Cuisine
  • European Architecture
  • Lake View and Lakeside Seating
  • $10 Corkage Fee for Wine with Dinner
  • Lakeside Entertainment
  • Daily Specials
  • Multiple "Best of Las Vegas" Ratings

Marche Bacchus Logo

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  • First-Class Architecture
  • Spectacular Lakeside Setting
  • European-American Culinary Creations
  • Menu with New Tastes Daily
  • Eagle's Ledge Bar
  • Dream Team of Chefs
  • Private Groups and Media Room
  • Lakeside Entertainment
  • A Complete Lakeside Experience

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