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Village Pub

Located across the Lakeside Center's sculptured south pathway from the Desert Shores Community Center, the Village Pub is the perfect Restaurant Row complement to Garfield's and Marché Bacchus.

With superb food and great prices, the restaurant serves as an easy gathering place for residents, guests and local businesses. Open 24 hours, the specials are an incredible value with large portions and high quality. There is a separate bar with video poker, a super-friendly staff and a neighborhood environment with good conversation. Plus it's a quick walk to the lake, with lake views out the south and east windows. Come and enjoy!

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Neighborhood Getaway

There are a lot of restaurant-casinos in Las Vegas, but this Village Pub is unique because of its location, staff and quality. 

Nestled in Restaurant Row in the middle of Desert Shores, Village Pub is more like the Cheers bar in Boston or the neighborhood retreats of Chicago.  It's not on a busy commercial street, it's close to Lake Jacqueline, and it's a favorite for local residents and business people.  The staff gets to know their clientele quickly, and it's fun to go "where everybody knows your name".

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The chalk board is full of different specials every day, and they're consistently mouth-watering.  On the beverage side, you can count on one of those "dark", rich Cokes, hot coffee, cold beer or if you've truly had it for the day, something from the separate full bar.

The Village Pub is always open and always friendly.  You can even get breakfast all night, and until 2PM on weekends.  In Desert Shores, it's just a residential walk or short drive away.

Check out the menu by clicking the link below.  You might have to wait a minute for it to load ... it's a big menu with a file size to match:

Village Pub Menu

Village Pub Colonist

See you at the Pub!

2610 Regatta Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89128