Desert Shores Community Association

Sometimes people are confused between the Desert Shores Racquet Club (DSRC) and Desert Shores Community Association (DSCA).  DSRC is the subject of this website, comprising 195 patio homes and townhomes in the very heart of the master community of Desert Shores.  DSCA is the homeowners association for the master community, which has 3,351 homes spread over 682 acres (including 60 acres on four lakes).  The Racquet Club is located on the widest portion of the largest lake of Desert Shores, directly across from the beautiful Desert Shores Community Center and beach area.  The two are tightly connected.

The map below shows the relationship between them:

DSCA and DSRC Smaller

To show the benefits of living in the Desert Shores Racquet Club, you have to likewise show the benefits of living in the Desert Shores Community Association. It's just a short walk over the Breakwater Bridge or around the south end of Lake Jacqueline to reach the DSCA Community Center, and opportunities abound! Please look at the other links in the "Master Association" section to see what Desert Shores as a whole offers you.

To get an even better feel for the area, look at the photo below that was published in National Geographic Magazine (note: this area is north of the Racquet Club and the lakes are somewhat narrower here).

Turtlehead Peak is near the rear center of the photo in Red Rock National Conservation Area.  The author can leave his home in the Racquet Club, drive to Red Rock, climb the 6,300 foot peak (with a 2,000-foot elevation gain) and return home again in under three hours.  It's a remarkable place to live.

Desert Shores in Natl Geog