Desert Shores Landscaping

If you've spent much time in Las Vegas, you know that the need to economize on water has led to a race to remove grass and replace it with xeriscaping -- water-efficient landscaping.  Desert Shores has been a leader in this area, with the largest single xeriscaping project in the city, replacing 300,000 square feet of sod with water-efficient landscaping.

But too often, this becomes a religion of its own.  People replace grass just to get a rebate from the Southern Nevada Water Authority, often replacing it with a shield of dry, hot rocks or something seemingly as ugly as humanly possible.

Desert Shores has taken a much different approach.  In conjunction with its massive xeriscaping project, the community acknowledges its responsibility to provide attractive common areas for its residents.  And beyond that, it realizes the special nature of its unique assets: its lakes.

As a result, Desert Shores has established different landscaping guidelines for the areas around its lakes and the "river" of common area that leads from Buffalo through Mariner, Lake Jacqueline and Soaring Gulls to Cheyenne.  The landscaping can be water efficient while still looking aquatic, and a small amount of grass will be preserved in those areas, including the green belts around the lakes.

This longer-term view has produced something unique in Las Vegas, careful to be water conscious without sacrificing beauty or the marine brand of the community.

Here are some examples of landscaping you'll see around the focal points of Desert Shores.

P20110616 (9)This special "micro-park" is on the signature corner of Regatta and Mariner on Lake Jacqueline.  There are water-efficient plantings with a small amount of grass, and a winding path to a secluded bench and boulder area with breathtaking views of the lake.

P20110616 (3)
This photo took a while to get, because people are almost waiting in line to use these areas and we had to wait until it was free!

P20090618 (4)
The walk from that corner past the Desert Shores Lagoon to the Community Center takes you on this journey.  It's hard not to feel a sense of peace.

P20090618 (7)
There are many great places to walk in Desert Shores, and even with water-efficient landscaping, it sure doesn't feel like a desert.

P20090117 (22)
Care is always taken to make sure the lakes continue to look and feel like lakes!

P20080308 (3)
On Soaring Gulls, spring has hit the Bradford Pear trees...

P20080308 (6)
…which are planted in several places in Desert Shores.  In the fall, different trees provide their own local color.

P12032004 (44)
Both the "Desert" parts and the "Shores" parts of Desert Shores are attractive, but the community is careful to recognize the difference between the two.  With both, "conservation" and "ugly" are two different things.

When we live in a community, much of our sense of well-being is derived from landscaping and attention to detail.  It is critically important not to make fast decisions on such matters of the spirit.  Desert Shores has long institutionalized this concept and worked with residents to "feed their souls"...

P20090601 (19)