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Baby Black Swan IconStarting with the new Board elected in May, 2015, we're going to use this section of the website to give residents one-stop shopping for new events transpiring at the Racquet Club.  The entries in this Blog may reference articles in other parts of the website, but this will be like a curated RSS feed of what your Board is working on and what is happening in our neighborhoods.

The best thing we can do is keep everyone informed, and this is one way to do it.  Hope it helps!

Save the Date!  

Labor Day Pool Party on September 2

Second Saturday and ping pong scheduled for this Saturday, August 10 are cancelled due to rental of the Sail Club for a private venue.

Please join us for a Labor Day Pool Party on September 2; time to be determined. If you would like to be involved in the planning of this fun party, please respond to the Board or the social committee.

Bill, Carol, and Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

Board Meeting Cancelled:
July 25, 2019







Bill, Carol, and Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

2019 Bastille Day Party:
Sunday, July 14, 2019 5:30PM
Sail Club

Be here early to see the amazing Skydiving show at 6:30 PM sponsored by Marché Bacchus. Extreme Aerial Media Skydivers will float over our clubhouse and land in Lake Jacqueline!

Bring your own picnic or food/beverage to share.

All DSRC Residents and Invited Guests are Welcome


Bill, Carol, and Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

Palm Tree Trimming Begins Wednesday, June 26th

Palm Trimming throughout the town home and common areas will begin on Wednesday, June 26. This project should be complete by Friday evening.

Trimming will begin in the pool area on Wednesday, June 26. The pool will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.

The two parking areas by the pool will be closed from the evening of Tuesday, June 24 until the evening of Wednesday, June 26.

Please be aware of the additional landscapers and trucks in the community:

Slow down while driving in the community.

Do Not walk or drive in cordoned off areas. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Bill, Carol, and Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

Second Saturday: Belmont Edition

On June 8, 2019

Sail Club will be open

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm



The 151st Belmont Stakes

Meet and greet your neighbors!

All Residents are Welcome!

Bill, Carol, Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

Memorial Day  2019: The Sail Club is Open for Business!

The Racquet Club Sail Club will be open on Monday, May 27th from 12:00 noon to 3:30pm. The Boat Races (canoe, kayak and pedal boat) will be held from 12:30 to 3:00pm. Bring your beach blanket, picnic lunch and/or beverage or snack to share. 

All Residents are Welcome!

DSRC Sail Club 7

Bill, Carol, Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

DSRC Election Results 2019

Happy Friday! 


Ballots have been counted and the results are official! The two Board of Directors nominees voted in by the homeowner members of our community are Greer Childers and Carol Pagone. Bill Smith will continue on as President and Treasurer. 


In our 195 member community, 97 ballots were returned (that’s about 50%!). That is incredible and shows the passion we all have for the Racquet Club. Election time is not the only time you can be involved. Please mark your calendars to attend the upcoming board meetings: May 30, June 27, July 25, August 22, September 26, October 24 and November 21. Also, there are social activities throughout the year. We welcome volunteers for community projects and social events. 


Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bill, Carol, Greer

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors

Setting the Record Straight

April 22, 2019

Composite Logo

Monday, April 22, 2019
From Your Racquet Club Board of Directors

It has come to our attention that erroneous and inaccurate material has been sent under the heading, “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” on behalf of two candidates currently running for DSRC board of directors. The current board feels it is critical that residents have the correct facts on any board related issues raised by the material that has been distributed.

1. PLANNING MEETING/Meeting location”. Per mapquest it is LESS than a 20 mile round trip if one leaves the RC and goes down Buffalo to Sahara to FCCMI.

The planning meeting is a NOTICED MEETING in prior months board agendas. The respective agenda is available 3 days prior to a meeting. The reason for meeting at FCCMI is to have access to the full staff, including operation, accounting, assessment collection, and having all supporting documents/files available. The board can efficiently review items and either resolve resident issues more expeditiously, or ensure all information is available for the board meeting. The meeting at FCCMI is focused on getting the information the first time, resolving resident needs, and having all information for the board. The board will action any item at the planning meeting that impacts the health, safety, or welfare of residents.

IF any resident thinks the board planning or board meeting is deficient, the board suggests attending meetings.

2. “SPECIAL INTEREST” The board NEVER discussed putting power to only dock 3. The board, when reviewing bids asked what the cost would be if the power only went to docks 1, 2, and 3. Since all but one of the boats needing power are located on the first three docks (the one boat at that time on dock 5 was never used). However, the cost to get power to the first three docks was not significantly cheaper. It would also be more expensive to later add power to the remaining docks. The board explored an option and determined the best resident experience and least total cost would be to extend power to all seven docks at the same time. (If approved, the cost of the project will come out of the boat slip reserve, not association or town house accounts).


a. THE GOLF CART the association had was made over 30 years ago. The service company could no longer get parts and it needed to be replaced. The board’s goal was to get a cart that would work for security and last 10-15 years; if a longer life is achieved, then even better. The cost of a new cart is $10,000 to $15,000. We found a 6 year old cart with low hour usage. It came with six new batteries, new street tires, a safety light package, and a one year warranty (same as a new cart).

The old cart required trips to Nellis boulevard to replace batteries, etc. We have a vendor locally that maintains the cart so security can provide the service that 74% of people in the security survey said they wanted.

b. THE SPA replaster was required by the Health Department. We opened sealed bids at the October, 2018 board meeting and selected Adams Pools for a total of $4570. This included the new tile surround, and a four year warranty (the other bid for a similar amount was only a two year warranty).

c. LANDSCAPE LIGHTING at the Sail Club. The gross cost of the project was $7500. We received a Neighborhood Partners Fund grant for $2,100, reducing the cost from $7,500 to $5,400 (the majority of the grant funds that are awarded do not come from local tax sources — per the grant coordinator). If home owners did not want this project, then they need to come to board meeting and engage — not wait until after something is done and then complain. Sealed bids were opened at the April, 2018 board meeting.

d. FRONT ENTRANCE. The front entrance took months to decide. Because the board wanted community engagement, large poster board drawings were made and posted in the Racquet Club. The project was discussed numerous times at numerous board meetings and at Second Saturday, asking for input and making changes as a result. Residents wanted a more attractive front entrance that would support property values. The board selected the existing landscape company due to the level of positive comments from residents and their ability to maintain it.

d. THE PAINTING company “Unforgettable” was selected because they were the low bidder by $50,000 on the repainting bid for all townhouses potentially in 2020. The board wanted to ensure the color, quality, and execution on the club buildings before proceeding with a contract for more than $200,000 for the townhomes. By painting the three buildings we can get resident response to the color. As to the quality, residents have commented on the sharpness and neatness of the work. Given the work done, the board may have found a vendor that will save the association more than $50,000 when all work is complete.

e. ASSESSMENTS. It is hard to recover from over ten years of flat assessments. The board inherited leaking roofs, unsealed streets - maintenance that had been deferred too long. The percent increase this last year is not much above the CPI. We have been able to invest in better maintenance and improvements in the community. Board meeting attendance is the best place way to affect the current and future budgets and projects.

f. RESERVE BALANCE: Since 2016 the percent funding for patio homes has grown from an unhealthy 22% to a healthier 37%. The townhomes reserve account has grown from 67% to 71%. Reserve balances have increased while investing in the community. Every year the board compares DSRC assessments to similar communities and finds we are below the 50th percentile by for assessments.

The “Immediate Release Document” from the two candidates states that the improved funding level is still “abysmal”. Yet the board has increased reserve funding percent in patio homes by 68%, townhomes by 6% with moderate increases and while investing in the community.  The primary reason assessments have gone up is precisely to fund reserves, which previous boards ignored for years.

As mentioned, even though assessments have gone up, they are less than most similar HOAs with similar amenities.

The board has invested in streets, roofs, painting, landscaping, and infrastructure repair AND improved reserves. We have only been able to do this with the help and support of home owners.

G. THE ANNUAL AUDIT is conducted by an independent CPA firm. The audit is conducted according to professional auditing standards (GAAS). The board discloses any issues in advance to the audit firm to ensure all things are reviewed.

Last year our treasurer identified an issue in the financial documents generated by the property manager. The treasurer pointed the issue out to the property manager, AND INFORMED THE AUDIT FIRM OF THE ISSUE AND REQUESTED AN EXPANDED AUDIT TO INSURE THE CORRECTNESS AND INTEGRITY OF THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS.

The board has managed the approved operating budget the last four years, invested in the community, and significantly improved the financial position of the HOA. Moving forward, the HOA has the financial resources to paint townhomes, continue maintenance, and improve the financial position. The board has ALWAYS acted in the best interests of the association.

We are writing this to provide the facts to comments on board actions — the why and the facts. The personal comments made are left to the persons it may involve. Any questions on this — please come to the board meeting and we will be happy to discuss.

We always have been available 24 hours a day, by email, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

Thank You,

Jennifer, Bill and Vince
Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors


Second Saturday
Saturday, April 13, 2019 at 10AM
Sail Club

Sail Club for Activity Blog

The DSRC Board of Directors has been hosting Second Saturday four years running for all neighbors who wish to connect with one another. It is a great opportunity to meet and share news, coffee and delicious treats, or to play a friendly game of table tennis.


Stop by for a minute or as long as you like - 

Please Join Us--All Residents Welcome

Happy New Year!!

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors


Jump In!

The Water is Great!

Pool (2) 

Saturday, March 30

10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Hot Dogs ** Pop Corn ** Sloppy Joes ** Provided By Committee

Bring Your Favorite Dish To Share If You Wish

All Residents Welcome

Desert Shores Racquet Club Board of Directors