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DSRC Birds - Black Swans 5 and Cygnets
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Whether I am a cygnet or a grown swan I cannot survive dog bites. They are fatal!! I have lost 3 members of my family to dog bites. If you own a dog or see someone with their dog getting too close, since I can't speak or fly PLEASE speak for me. I  am naturally afraid of dogs but I am a sitting duck and I think they know it!

Baby Black Swan

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Please Protect Me from Dogs.pdf)Please Protect Me fro DogsDogs have been attacking baby black swans. Please intervene if you see someone letting this happen! Take a look at this picture to melt your heart.98 kB
Download this file (Keep Our Swans Safe.pdf)Keep Our Swans SafeRecently there was an attack on one of these swans, and many believe it was an unleashed dog. The swan was found wounded on the green belt in the Racquet Club. 184 kB
Download this file (Speeding Driver Kills Dog.pdf)Speeding Driver Kills DogIn January, 2011, a dog was killed by a driver speeding around the Golden Sands / Seascape corner. The dog was with its owner but not on a leash. The story is sad and instructive both for drivers and pet owners.235 kB